Beginner’s Silverclay Workshops

Come and join me at the lovely Artful of Hexham on Saturday 22nd August to have a chance to make your own silver jewellery. Only 3 spaces available in order to keep the 1m social distancing during the workshop.⁠

Check out Silverkupe /workshops page to find out our hygiene preparations. You can also find more on how Artful is prepared for COVID -19 conditions on their website.⁠ To book this workshop follow this link.

You can also book a workshop with me at my Studio in Newcastle. I left these open so that we can arrange date to suit you. Just get in touch to arrange one.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes
Silverclay Jewellery and Workshops by Emine Thompson

COVID-19 Info:
I am taking all the hygiene and safety measures within my workshop. I use a face shield and you will need to a mask. All the surfaces and tools are wiped cleaned with virucidal disinfectant after every session. I also keep the door and the window open for airflow. You can also use gloves if you wish to do so.
Attendee limits:
BBox Studios, Newcastle: Due to space limitations, for the time being, workshops are open for one-to-one sessions or groups of max 3.
Artful, Hexham:  Max 3 attendees to provide 1m apart working space.
Lot64, Darlington: Preparations are underway to open up the workshops here. Check my website or their Facebook page to find out more.

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