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BBox Studios Christmas Gift Guide

A small group from BBox Studios Artists complied a little guide. The guide by no means limited to the items listed but more of a introduction to the artists involved. You can find our contact details below to reach us to see what we can offer you for Christmas.

Hope you enjoy browsing our collective work.

Glassware : Angela Ashton, Instagram: angelaashtonglass , Email: , Website:

Jewellery: Ruby Tynan , Instagram: RubyTynanJewellery , Email: , Website:

Jewellery: Silverkupe by Emine Thompson , Instagram: Silverkupe, Email: , Website:

Mosaics: Lorraine Udell , Instagram: lorraineudellart , Email: , Website:

Paintings: Aly Smith , Instagram: theartistssmith , Website:

Paintings: Judy Appleby , Instagram: Judy.Appleby , Website: JAARTI.CO.UK

Until next time, stay safe
Best Wishes

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