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Choosing a Jewellery Gift this Christmas

Need Help?

Are you thinking about buying jewellery for a loved one this Christmas?  Perhaps I can offer you some help to find the right piece.  Getting it right is so important!

You will need to work out what kind of jewellery they wear. If you see the person regularly, take notice of what they like to wear. Do they like earrings and if so what type of earrings? Do they have their ears pierced, or do they need clip-on earrings?  Do they prefer handcrafted one-off pieces, or do they follow jewellery trends very closely?  Do they wear jewellery every day or just for special occasions?

After you have an idea of what type of jewellery they prefer, the next thing to consider is the material. The classic materials are gold and silver and their variations, but nowadays there are other materials used for jewellery, such as wood, platinum, aluminium, stainless steel, paper, shells, seeds and many more. Another thing to consider is whether they like colour in their jewellery or if they are purists, in the sense that they only wear either gold or silver without the addition of any colour (stones, enamelling etc.).

Size is the next thing to consider. Ring and bracelet sizes are vital to know, so that the jewellery will fit and there will be no danger of losing it accidentally. However, sizing is also important for necklaces and earrings as well. If your loved one does not wear huge earrings or statement pieces, then you should consider dainty pieces.

You cannot really go wrong, if you discover their jewellery taste, learn their preferred materials and get the sizing right.  And if all fails you can always get a gift card from their favourite jeweller! Happy Shopping! 

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