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A Dream Come True

When I started to make jewellery many years ago I dreamt about being represented by a major Art Gallery… My earlier attempts was fruitless since I was not developed enough as an artist to have a comprehensive collection that represents me.  

I am an experimental jewellery artists, I play with materials, textures and colours… when I am creating something new I sometimes do not know what is going to be- I just follow what material is capable of and see what happens. I must admit this techniques is not always successful but I learn from these experiments. 

I like basic shapes and adding little details to them to make them unique. I think my obsessions with shapes comes from design background…

Silverkupe_Black and Gold _Speckle_Studs_small


One of my dreams will be coming true this September. The Biscuit Factory Art Gallery will be showcasing my jewellery – along with many other wonderful jewelers in their Autumn Show. I am beyond excited! 

You will be able to find my jewellery at the Biscuit Factory from early September until mid-November- great time for Christmas gift selection.  

The Biscuit Factory is the UK largest independent commercial art, craft & design gallery. You will be able to shop my SEED and SPECKLE collections there. 


I hope you will be able to make the show during Autumn. 

Best Wishes


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