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Treasures and Treasured Moments

You will be able to find an article about me and my business at the October issue of the Living North Magazine.

You can read the article below:
SILVERKUPE is a small, independent boutique jewellery studio nestled within the trendy and creative enclave of Ousebrun in Newcastle. Emine loves creating timeless treasures and helping people to have treasured moments in her workshops.

Since 2017, Emine has been crafting her art-jewellery, and meticulously merging the essence of traditional methods with a flair for innovative techniques. Guided by the echoes of her Turkish heritage and shaped by her diverse experiences, she weaves together a narrative of culture, techniques and craftsmanship into her pieces. She combines silversmithing, metal clay, wax carving, enamelling and innovative 3D printing methods to bring her visions to life. Her pieces show her dedication to exploring form, texture, and colour.

Emine is committed to sustainability, her pieces are created by using recycled gold and silver. Her eco-conscious ethos doesn’t stop at her jewellery; it extends to her packaging, a deliberate choice made by her quite early on in her jewellery journey.

With a background in design and 3D modelling and teaching these skills, Emine also loves teaching jewellery making skills through her workshops. Her studio becomes an incubator of learning and community, where individuals from all walks of life and ability can immerse themselves in the world of jewellery-making. Under Emine’s expert guidance, anybody can turn raw materials into unique jewellery pieces that they can be proud of.

You can explore Emine’s jewellery on her website, at her studio, and in carefully curated art galleries and gift shops nationwide, including locations like The Biscuit Factory Art Gallery and Gallagher & Turner Art Gallery in Newcastle. And as the festive season approaches, Emine’s signature Pop-Up show will make a return to Newcastle’s John Lewis. Emine will also like to welcome you to her studio during the Ouseburn Open Studios, a winter event that invites you to step into the heart of creativity.

This autumn, you’re also invited to join her workshops not only at her studio but also at special venues like The Biscuit Factory and the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art.

Currently Emine is in the early stages of an exciting new collection. This upcoming body of work will be an exploration of 3D forms, an evolution that brings together notes from her signature Colour Seed collection and the refined elegance of her Simplicity line.

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