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Art Clay Silver: Fine Silver

I use art clay silver to create fine silver jewellery. Fine silver differs from sterling silver in that it is not alloyed with copper. Sterling silver is 92.5 percent pure with an additional 7.5 copper and may be assay marked (hallmarked) as 925. Fine silver, which is what remains when the water and organic binder is burned off in the firing of silver clay is essentially pure silver and may be assay marked as 999. There is no legal requirement to do so unless the piece weighs more than 7.78 gr.

Metal clay is a crafting medium consisting of very small particles of metal such as silver, gold, bronze, or copper mixed with an organic binder and water for use in making jewellery, beads and small sculptures. Originating in Japan in 1990, metal clay can be shaped just like any soft clay, by hand or using moulds and then fired.

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I use two different sorts of concrete and they are both non-toxic and dust-free special jewellery mixes. I like to embellish the béton pieces with different media. I use water based metallic paint for the paint effects and there are also coloured powder pigments to colour the concrete pieces. Concrete is ideal for combining with nature-based materials such as glass. Concrete jewellery is weather and frost resistant and casting it is a very interesting process. Different surface qualities can be achieved by using alternative vessels during casting. Concrete is a compound material, therefore each item can be slightly different in terms of colour and texture. The imperfections on the items are inevitable, as a result of the nature of concrete and the casting process.

The jewellery concrete is free of any harmful substances and therefore suitable for jewellery that’s worn directly on your skin.

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I combine silver, copper, and concrete pieces with resin to create alternative finishes. I also inlay silver into copper.

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