Below some examples of my work. Please send me an email if you want to purchase any of the below items explaining which one you wish to purchase and I shall send a total cost including post and packaging. My email is

Dotty- fine silver earrings by Silverkupe -emt
Fine silver earrings with sterling silver earring hooks. £25 + postage and packaging


Happy-Copper and Silver earrings
Happy-Copper and Silver earrings £10 + post and packaging


Copper and Silver earrings made by Silverkupe-emt
Happy II-Copper and Silver earrings. £10 + post and packaging


Brushed Silver earrings by Silverkupe-emt
Fine Silver Earrings £18 + post and packaging


Paisley necklace by Silverkupe-emt
Fine silver necklace pendant and sterling silver ball-chain. £18 + post and packaging


Concrete pendant in a bronze pendant tray and bronze chain. made by Silverkupe-emt
Concrete pendant in a bronze pendant tray and bronze chain. £16 + post and packaging


Mixed-up- Concrete pendant in a bronze pendant tray and bronze chain. £15 + post and packaging


Circle- Copper pendant with leather cord £10 +post and packaging


Steampunk 1 – Copper in Resin. £10 + post and packaging
Golden Autumn
Golden Autumn- Resin + Mica Flakes +Concrete pendant with gold plated chain. £10 + post and packaging.


Silver blobs
Silver blobs – Fine Silver pendant with dark navy / black cubic zirconia stone , completed with sterling silver chain. £25 + post and packaging


More to come…..

Terms and Conditions

All items are handmade and unique. if you ordered an item, this generally means that it will be made after the order put in and there might be slight individual differences due to hand-making process.

Earrings are not returnable.
Other items can be returned within 15 days of delivery. Return postage will be paid by the customer.

Information: I use Silver Clay to create fine silver jewellery. Fine silver differs from sterling silver in that it is not alloyed with copper. Fine silver, which is what remains when the water and organic binder is burned off in the firing of silver clay is essentially pure silver and may be assay marked as 999.


Payments can be done via PayPal.Me/minef



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