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Emine Mine Thompson

I am a designer/maker of contemporary jewellery. I have a background in landscape design and 3D modelling. After more than 25 of years teaching design and 3D modelling, I decided to create 3D wearable objects. I work with metal clay and traditional silversmithing techniques.  My pieces reflect architectural and minimalist motifs and I use distinctive textures and patinas. I also use distinct techniques such as Mokume Gane and mixing different metals to achieve unique high-end products.

I work from my home-studio in Whitley Bay, UK. Since I was a little girl, I always liked jewellery. It is part of the rich Turkish culture I come from, and I always particularly liked silver jewellery and I still go to same jeweller’s shop in Istanbul whenever I am there.

All the jewellery are handmade by me. Although similar designs can be done, they are unique due to the hand-making process and this makes every item one of a kind.

I am a registered artist with the Network Artists North East and member of The Association for Contemporary Jewellery.

If you like any of the items you see on these pages, please get in touch to commission one.

My email is contact@silverkupe.com .

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Hole in the wall

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