Emine Mine Thompson                          

Emine, who created Silverkupe jewellery, is a designer and maker of contemporary jewellery. She comes from Istanbul but now lives in Whitley Bay with her husband and daughter. After more than 25 of years teaching design and 3D modelling, she started to create 3D wearable objects. Her background in design and 3D modelling and rich Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean culture influences her designs. She works from her studio at the Biscuit Box Studios in Newcastle upon Tyne.  All the jewellery are handmade by her. Although similar designs can be done, they are unique due to the hand-making process and this makes every item one of a kind. She is registered with Edinburgh Assay Office where her creations are hallmarked to show the quality of silver she uses in her work.

She was part of the Christmas selling exhibition ‘Gifted’ at the National Glass Centre in Sunderland  and her work also was exhibited during the Christmas selling event at the Shetland Arts’ Bonhoga Gallery in 2018. She will be exhibiting at the British Craft Trade  Fair in April 2019 second year in a row .

She also organises silver clay workshops to share the joy of creating  jewellery with others.

If you like any of the items you see on this website, please get in touch to commission one. Please email her at contact@silverkupe.com .

You can see her creations on Facebook &  Instagram as well.

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