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Today is Silverclay

I love working with Silverclay. It is an incredible medium that gives you huge amount of flexibility in your designs. It is also a recycled product. Silver content in silverclay comes from recycled phones and computers etc. This recycled silver then combined with an organic binder to turn the whole thing to a clay consistency.

After texturing, cutting and shaping, silverclay is fired and what is left when the organic binder is burnt off is .999 pure silver.

It is a magical and very accessible process to make jewellery. All you need is some imagination and some basic tools and you can create your own jewellery at home in matter of hours.

I give 3 different silverclay workshops:
The Taster workshop will give you the opportunity to find out what you can do with silverclay within short period of time. You get to use 5gr of silverclay which is more than enough to create couple of pieces small jewellery.
The Beginner’s workshops spans over 5 hours with a lunch break. You work with 10gr of silverclay and you learn how to replica your favourite items in silver by creating silicone mould and how  create ‘antiquing’ effect.
The Intermediate workshop is designed for people who already took either one of the above workshops and like to learn advances techniques such as layering, joining clay pieces together, doming, embedding friable stones, adding bails, and adding 24k gold. This is a day long workshop as well.

Why not give it a try and find out what you can do with a little help from me!

Until next time!
Best Wishes

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