COVID-19 update – 11/09/2020

Dear All,
After the Government’s announcement on 09/09/2020 with regards to new COVID-19 restrictions, I have checked all the information available to me with regards to these new rules and concluded that I will be still running my jewellery making workshops. The majority of the workshops already booked is one2one workshops but all booked workshops do comply with the Government’s new Rule of 6.

I am taking all the hygiene and safety measures within my workshop. I use a face shield and you will need to use a face mask /covering during a workshop with me. All the surfaces and tools are wiped cleaned with virucidal disinfectant after every session. You can also use gloves if you wish to do so.

If you booked a workshop with me at any other location please get in touch to see what alternative options I can offer to you. Please send me an email on

I have now some availability in September and October so get in touch to see to find out more.

Hope to see you at one of my workshops.

Stay Safe

The new “Workshop Studio” gives plenty of space to work and be socially distanced.

New Workshop!

It’s here… a brand new workshop for you to try making jewellery with me.

Create Jewellery – Studio Days

You can have 2 full days or 4 half days to complete this introductory one-to-one workshop. This course is suitable for absolute beginners to find out basic jewellery silvermisthing techniques.

Subjects to cover: Sawing, filing, drilling, soldering, metal forming by using doming blocks, polishing and finishing, basic stone settings (cabochons).

What is included:
-12 hours of studio time with your tutor in a well equipped studio.
-Consumables (such as solder, emery paper and some copper for practice etc.) are included in the price.
-All the necessary tools (such as files, drills, cutters, saws, hammers, etc) in the studio including all the electrical equipment such as the barrelling machine etc.
-Own workspace with a bench peg.

You will be able to make rings, pendants, earrings with or without stones (cabochons). This will give you a basic idea of how metal, fire and forming works!

Why not get in touch to find out more? You can also find more info on my website.
Until next time…

Best Wishes

Beginner’s Silverclay Workshops

Come and join me at the lovely Artful of Hexham on Saturday 22nd August to have a chance to make your own silver jewellery. Only 3 spaces available in order to keep the 1m social distancing during the workshop.⁠

Check out Silverkupe /workshops page to find out our hygiene preparations. You can also find more on how Artful is prepared for COVID -19 conditions on their website.⁠ To book this workshop follow this link.

You can also book a workshop with me at my Studio in Newcastle. I left these open so that we can arrange date to suit you. Just get in touch to arrange one.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes
Silverclay Jewellery and Workshops by Emine Thompson

COVID-19 Info:
I am taking all the hygiene and safety measures within my workshop. I use a face shield and you will need to a mask. All the surfaces and tools are wiped cleaned with virucidal disinfectant after every session. I also keep the door and the window open for airflow. You can also use gloves if you wish to do so.
Attendee limits:
BBox Studios, Newcastle: Due to space limitations, for the time being, workshops are open for one-to-one sessions or groups of max 3.
Artful, Hexham:  Max 3 attendees to provide 1m apart working space.
Lot64, Darlington: Preparations are underway to open up the workshops here. Check my website or their Facebook page to find out more.

Workshops Started

15th July marked the start of the workshops since the Coronavirus lock down.
I have a new studio just for the workshops which is bigger and give more space for social distancing. I have also hand sanitisers, a face shield. As with other shops and enclosed public places face covering is a must for the attendees for the time being.

I have also created a little booklet to show you how a lump of clay turns into a shiny silver jewellery.

So get in touch if you are interested in to make your own jewellery with me.

Best Wishes

Silverkupe Jewellery


Dear All
It is a worrying time for us all. I thought it would be good to keep you informed about workshops due to the current pandemic we all are facing.

At the moment I do not have any requests for cancellation and I won’t be cancelling any workshops for the time being. However if you are unwell, please follow the government guidelines and please do not attend the workshop and let me know so that I can offer you alternative dates for June/July onwards.

My Studio which is based at the BBox Studios is following ALL government guidelines and we are watching any updates for further guidance. At the moment it is BUSINESS AS USUAL. My workshops are small gatherings and although it seems that the government will pass legislation with regards to mass events, I feel if all attendees are vigilant about their health I will be able to deliver the already booked workshops as usual.

You can still shop from my website and deliveries will be as fast as it can be in these circumstances.

If you are planning to attend one of the events I will be at, please check my events page to see whether the event is going ahead or not.

In the unfortunate event that I end up developing symptoms, I will have to self-isolate and I will update all workshop attendees if this happens.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Keep safe and thank you for support.


Please support your local shops, artists and makers in these difficult times

Happy Valentines Day

I am not the most romantic person but when I finished these special textured wedding 👰 🎩 bands I felt all warm inside! 💙Must be the Valentines Day’s!

They are now on their way to Edinburgh to get date mark and hallmark. All there is to it to give them a final polish before they been picked up!

And if you are wondering, I got the permission from the lovely couple to post the image.

Happy Valentines Day everyone.

If you are interested in commissioning your wedding bands please get in touch.

WebLogoSilverkupe2020 (

Almost a month into 2020

Well it is that time of the year that we all make plans for the coming year. I am preparing for the British Craft Trade Fair again this year and it feels like I have graduated and now will be with the big boys and girls in the main hall! A bit scary but hey if your are not scared you are not into what you are doing! See below my web presence at the BCTF web catalogue.

For the first time in its history British Craft Trade Fair is opening its doors to public on the first day of the fair. So if you fancy a visit to Harrogate (who does not, especially since the world famous Betty’s Tea Room is there!) why not come an visit me. The public day is Saturday 4th April from 10am to 5pm. Click here to find more about the venue.

Blanca Space

There is a new exhibition I will be part of soon. It will take place at the Flat Cat Gallery in Lauder, Scotland, showcasing artists and makers from North East of England. More info will be coming soon.

Events that you can find me coming up fast and the first one will be the Ouseburn Open Studios, Spring 2020. This will take place between 28 and 29th March. Come and visit me during this event at the Biscuit Box Studios. More info will be coming soon but pencil the date!

Did you know that you get FREE Royal Mail Special Delivery if you spend £50 or more on jewellery items on my website. And if you sign-up to my newsletter you get 10% discount on your first order.

Workshop bookings are open as always and many of them fully booked or almost fully booked. So if you want to do some thing with your hands in coming months do book your workshop as soon as possible. May be you want to make a special mother’s day gift for your mum. Why not make a special jewellery that she will treasure forever. Or better why not come to a workshop together and enjoy spending time with each other make lovely jewellery in the mean time. For more details on workshops please visit my workshop page.

That’s all for the time being. Until next time be happy, make things and enjoy life.
Best Wishes

A new beginning in 2019

I will be moving out of my humble home-studio to  a brand new studio at the Biscuit Box  part of the Biscuit Studios  that are set In the heart of Newcastle’s Cultural Quarter. 

It is exciting and in the mean time daunting… watch the space for more developments.